Precognitive | Preemptive | Prevailion.
Prevailion Empowers Organizations To Make Profitable Decisions Using Confirmed Evidence Of Compromise™ With Existing And Prospective Partners, Acquisitions And Investments.

Prevailion invents asymmetric technology to vanquish an evolved threat.

Continuous Compromise Monitoring™ provides real-time intelligence on historical, as well as active, cyber infection in your network and your partners.

Prevailion’s Compromise Intelligence™ Delivers For Key Use Cases.

Third-Party Risk Management

Learn the history behind a partner’s past and current compromises before they become your own.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Make profitable decisions with actual Evidence of Compromise™ associated with potential acquisitions.

Investment Decision Support

Get an “edge” during due diligence and use precognitive knowledge of an active compromise.

See Apex™ in action: the world’s first zero-touch compromise intelligence platform.