Visibility Beyond Boundaries

Confirmed Evidence of Compromise

Third-Party Breaches Rise To 61% In U.S.
— PYMNTS - Posted on November 15, 2018


Your network is protected. You’ve made significant investments to secure and monitor your enterprise against sophisticated malware and other attacks. Can you be certain your supply chain and third-party ecosystem partners have done the same?

Adversaries target the weakest link in any ecosystem. When high-profile targets increase security and close loopholes, these attackers shift their focus to vulnerable third parties.


Prevailion’s technology provides visibility into malicious activity impacting your current third-party partners, potential new partners, acquisitions, and investments — empowering you to mitigate their compromise before it becomes your own.

Detect Third-Party Compromises Before They Impact You

One compromised partner is all it takes. Through no fault of your own, your third-party ecosystem may be your weakest link, compromised by poor security practices or sophisticated malware. Lack of visibility into these compromises is rampant in organizations of all sizes, and it’s feeding an epidemic.

Instead of blindly connecting with potentially infected entities, you can now gain confirmed Evidence of Compromise (EoC). This view of partners’ threat landscapes empowers you to make informed, strategic decisions, provide a clean bill of health, and prove value for stakeholders.


Targeting and infiltrating C2 Infrastructure

Using our proprietary global passive sensor network, we specifically target and infiltrate adversary Command-and-Control (C2) infrastructure, collecting tens of millions of pieces of evidence each day. We then organize, enrich, and offer that evidence in a subscription service. 

With no hardware or software implementation — operating 100% outside of your environment — we empower you to: 

  • Perform due diligence and make appropriate value adjustments for mergers and acquisitions

  • Monitor your organization’s ecosystem — and those of partner organizations — for confirmed Evidence of Compromise

  • Access tailored intelligence, curated by a world-class, dedicated research cell

Expand your security and risk analysis teams’ reach and effectiveness with an investigative tool that smoothly integrates with existing workflows

Why Prevailion

Using Post-Compromise Intelligence to Drive Pre-Compromise Insights

What would you do if you could see compromises before they occur within your network and the ecosystems that it interfaces with? With advanced warning, you could transform the way your organization approaches risk discovery, mergers and acquisitions, bringing on new vendors, and much more. Prevailion grants you that power.

Prevailion is a compromise intelligence company, transforming the way organizations approach risk mitigation and business decision-making. Through next-level tailored intelligence and a zero-touch platform, we provide visibility into confirmed evidence of compromise for customers and their partner ecosystems.

You will not only have the power to preemptively limit exposure to contagious partners and dramatically reduce time to action, but you will be able to use Prevailion to support strategic business decisions that influence M&A, investment, due diligence, and cyber insurance claims and policies.

CORE Use Case

Monitor your third parties’ compromise status. Prevailion’s technology provides unprecedented visibility into your own network, as well as existing third-party partners and potential new partners, acquisitions, and/or investments — empowering you to mitigate their compromise before it becomes your own.

True Zero-Touch

Outside your network. Prevailion sits outside of your organization’s physical and network boundaries with absolutely nothing to deploy — no hardware, software, or expensive and intrusive professional services. Prevailion operates in the same space as the adversaries.