September 2020

Ransomware as a Data Breach Decoy

Gone are the days of small-time cybercriminals using ransomware to earn a quick buck. Ransomware--and the criminals who use it--have certainly evolved. Though it initially made a name for itself as a tactic of the lesser-skilled criminal, malicious actors are now exploiting the established expectations of its impact and limitations in order to hide inside a network.  For those organizations with robust security strategies, ransomware had become little more than an annoyance. They were able to recover rather quickly using backups. More often, though, that’s not the case. In the past...

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APEX Platform 4.6

NEW Release – APEX Platform 4.6 Delivers Greater Fidelity on Confirmed Cyber Attacks and Threats

Prevailion is excited to launch six new features in its latest release of the APEX Platform, version 4.6.  The features, outlined below, give organizations higher fidelity on real-time compromise activity empowering your security and cyber risk teams to be more effective, work faster, and immediately prioritize confirmed threats. Over the past four months, APEX Platform has increased the number of compromised IP addresses tracked by 285%. Over the past 180 days APEX Platform has tracked: 29.3B Malicious Beacons 469k IP Addresses 141 Malware Families --->  Sign Up Now for a Guided Tour & Free Account #1 -...

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