Visibility Beyond Boundaries

Confirmed Evidence of Compromise

Third-Party Breaches Rise To 61% In U.S.
— PYMNTS - Posted on November 15, 2018

Why Prevailion

One Compromised Partner is All It Takes. Your Third Party Ecosystem may be your weakest link, compromised due to poor security practices or sophisticated malware. That lack of visibility is rampant among all organizations today.

Prevailion has built the world’s first nation-state level solution for empirical proof of active, confirmed compromises. Leveraging our proprietary global passive sensor network we specifically target and infiltrate adversary Command-and-Control (C2) infrastructure, collecting tens of millions of pieces of evidence every day with a zero signal-to-noise ratio. That evidence is then organized, attributed, and made available to our customers via a dashboard and/or API subscription.

CORE Use Case

Monitor Your Third Parties Compromise Status. Prevailion’s technology provides unprecedented visibility into your own network as well as existing third party partners and potential new partners, acquisitions or investments, empowering you to mitigate their compromise before it becomes your own.

True Zero-Touch

Outside Your Network. Prevailion sits outside of the physical and network boundaries of your organization with absolutely nothing to deploy; no hardware, software or expensive and intrusive professional services. Prevailion operates in the same space as the adversaries.