APEX Platform 4.6

APEX Platform Video Demo – Reduce Compromise Dwell Time by 99%

Prevailion’s APEX Platform is a reliable source of information on thousands of unreported corporate breaches, and provides around-the-clock intelligence on new compromises, escalating breach activity and corporate remediation efforts.

Prevailion’s unique cyber intelligence capability allows it to detect active compromises inside corporate networks that do not require any access or confirmation by the affected corporation.

Watch this video to see an overview of the APEX Platform.  It’s a 100% zero-touch cloud-based platform – nothing to install or deploy.

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Track Your Partner Ecosystem’s True State of Compromise 24/7

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  • 24/7 continuous monitoring & alerting
  • Be recognized as a cybersecurity center of excellence among industry peers
  • Enhance investor & stakeholder confidence
  • Reduce compromise dwell time life cycle by 99%
  • Average incident cost avoidance of $13,786 per day!
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Stacy Taylor
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