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We see 28,000+ compromised companies…

Are you or your partners among the victims?

Prevailion empowers business and security decision makers to reduce risk of a third-party data breach and streamline security operations with real-time, actionable Cyber Adversary Intelligence.

Early Evidence of Confirmed Cyber Attacks

Prevailion’s Cyber Adversary Intelligence is high fidelity telemetry data we collect directly from attacker’s infrastructure.

Our data provides significant advantages over other cyber intelligence sources:

  • See third-party attacks in the early stages
  • Confirm precisely which IP addresses and organizations have been attacked, what malware and threat actor is the culprit, and when it occurred
  • Detect compromise activity quicker with a higher degree of accuracy than traditional methods, such as IoCs

APEX Platform is tracking:


  • 205 unique malware families
  • 34 billion malicious beacons 
  • 484,000+ compromised IP addresses
  • 28,000+ malware infected organizations
APEX Platform 4.6

APEX is a 100% Zero-Touch SaaS Platform. It’s easy to use and there is nothing to install or deploy.

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Continuously monitor the compromise status of your IP/CIDRs, or ANY supplier or partner, no matter if they’re connected or not.

APEX Platform gives you visibility into:

  • Evidence of compromise within your supply chain partners
  • Compromise severity (Stable, Elevated, Critical or Severe)
  • IP address intelligence
  • Malware and threat actor attribution
  • Time window (dwell time)
  • First beacon and last beacon seen timestamp
  • Beacon counts (frequency, velocity and cadence)
  • GEOIP intelligence
  • Downloadable victim telemetry

Reduce Risk & Streamline Security Operations

  • Automate Detection & Response:  Detect supply chain compromise in less than 1 day and reduce dwell time by 99%, saving you $3-5M in potential data breach costs
  • Save Time & Resources:  Reduce time spent analyzing alerts.  Prevailion’s Cyber Adversary Intelligence is evidence of compromise, not vulnerabilities that need to be analyzed

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