Author:Danny Adamitis

The Triune Threat: MasterMana Returns

Prevailion’s Tailored Intelligence team has discovered new campaigns associated with the Gorgon Group, suspected Pakistani based actors, who previously operated the MasterMana botnet. While this group relied upon an amalgamation of multiple open-source and commercially available tools, they have proven themselves to be highly capable. By utilizing various 3rd party websites and services, they are able to bypass common network defense mechanisms. Recently they have added new capabilities to evade host-based detection through encoding payloads and renaming file extensions. In some cases, they took a more audacious approach by incapacitating the Windows...

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TA 505 – Global Ransomware Criminals

Prevailion’s Tailored Intelligence Team has continued to follow an evolving threat actor group dubbed TA505 - a known cyber criminal organization that has likely been active since at least 2017, whose motives are speculated to be financial in nature. This group has been known to infect victims through business email compromise. Once a victim’s system is initially compromised, TA505 has been observed utilizing a wide variety of commercially available and custom remote access trojans. Upon gaining access, with a trojan in the network, they have been observed stealing sensitive financial data...

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