Carnival Cruise Lines’ Long-Running Breach Problem

Carnival Cruise Lines’ Long-Running Breach Problem

Carnival Corporation is back in the news again with another data breach. This time, the company disclosed in a recent 8-K filing that its network was compromised by an unnamed ransomware on August 15th which “encrypted a portion of one brand’s information technology systems” and “the download of certain of our data files.”

This is the second public disclosure Carnival has made this year. In March, it also disclosed a data beach from April 11 – July 23 2019 which gained access to employee email accounts containing sensitive information.

However, these are not the only network compromises with Carnival has recently experienced. Prevailion’s Apex platform, which monitors malware C2 activity, has been following a long-running compromise within the company’s network, which began as far back as February 2, 2020 – and was active even during the time when Carnival was disclosing the 2019 breach which had supposedly been remediated.

This activity continued for four months, during which time Prevailion made several attempts to warn Carnival’s network security team about the compromise activity. Altogether, Prevailion detected two types of well-known malware in Carnival’s network environment. The primary malware was a Trojan which was highly active between April 11 June 6, with Apex showing thousands of beacons during that time.

Overall, the malware beaconed 46,000 times. This compromise activity went quiet on June 7, which is either due to remediation efforts by Carnival or because the malware has shifted into a dormant state.

For those who would like to better understand this compromise activity, we encourage them to view the collected data in the Apex platform. You can also read Dark Reading’s report on the compromise activity.

Prevailion continues to monitor the situation.

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