Visibility is Key to Securing Election Infrastructure

While many feel that they are living in Groundhog Day, the days and weeks do continue to pass us by, bringing the 2020 Presidential election closer with still no clear path for securing the election process. Recognizing the risks, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published a document of risk management for election security. NIST certainly isn’t the only government (or non-government) agency to offer such guidance because the issue of election security is complex and further complicated by more than old technology. What are the risks? That’s not...

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The Q1 2020 Apex Report

How did a group of criminals come to be responsible for such a costly enterprise? Threat actors are distributed, and they don’t form one cohesive group,  but the holes they've punched in organizations and governments through infiltration, compromises, and breaches have collectively amounted to this staggering estimate....

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Prevailion CEO: Cyberattacks on Healthcare Won’t be Tolerated

As if the world needed another example, a ransomware group has proven there is no honor among thieves.  The cybercriminal group Maze attacked the network of Hammersmith Medicines Research, a London-based medical research company, on March 14. The group then leaked the personal data and medical details of thousands of former patients online, according to ComputerWeekly. HMR is one of several London firms situated to conduct medical trials for COVID-19 vaccines.  Beyond the despicable nature of the attack, of note is that Maze had made a public vow on March 18 not to...

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Map of TA505 Activity Shows Global Foothold After Necurs Botnet Goes Dark

Just shy of a week after Microsoft squeezed cyber criminals out of the prolific Necurs botnet infrastructure, threat actors like TA505 still maintain a foothold on networks throughout the world. Findings from Prevailion's compromise intelligence platform on Wednesday showed the IP addresses TA505 have actively infected around the globe. Prevailion's Chief Data Scientist Nate Winslow shared a map of this activity, along with his insight of the findings, on LinkedIn today. "Cyber crime is not slowing down because of COVID-19. The TA505 group is a prime example we see in our data. If...

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Alert for Cyber Risk and COVID-19

With COVID-19, there is a wave of new teleworkers hitting internet infrastructure. Cyber criminals will actively look for ways to take advantage of these teleworkers in order to gain access to otherwise secure company networks....

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How Working from Home During Coronavirus is Opening Fresh Vectors for Compromise

VPNs alone won’t protect workers from unsecured work environments. “Wash your hands. Don't scratch your nose. Try to avoid public spaces.” In the weeks leading up to COVID-19’s ascendance to a pandemic, we've all become more aware of our touch points as we go about our daily lives trying to avoid infection. If businesses practiced this level of vigilance for their network touch points, and their daily exposure to infected surfaces, threat actors would have a much smaller playground in which to operate. When businesses agree on connecting with each other, often it's...

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