Indicators of Compromise are Dead — Introducing Evidence of Compromise

The mission of Evidence of Compromise is simple: empower companies to audit and continuously monitor the security of their supply chains to an unprecedented degree, with the possibility of even predicting future breaches based on this real-time intelligence. Current methods of cyber risk management, incident response and risk modeling have failed to keep up with the growing sophistication and speed of cyber adversaries, which range from organized criminal groups to state-sponsored hackers. As geopolitical tensions increase around the world, they are accelerating the overall risk for the financial sector, as this industry remains...

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What is Evidence of Compromise?

Evidence of Compromise (EoC) is a collection of forensic data that points to a confirmed malicious attack on a commercial, industrial or government network. ...

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What is Compromise Intelligence?

Compromise Intelligence is a new method of information gathering sourced from the activity surrounding networks with confirmed evidence of cyber compromise. ...

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Customer Success: Utility Cooperative – SEIEC

Matt Ohmes, IT Manager with SEIEC, said Prevailion gives his organization an extra tool to help verify whether a vendor is serious about security before it awards costly projects. If a vendor is found to be compromised, Ohmes can take that information to his CEO and the board to evaluate that relationship. Prevailion empowers Ohmes and his organization to: Verify if a vendor is serious about security before it awards a costly projectMonitor existing third-party vendors and identify Evidence of CompromiseAct on that evidence by limiting a vendor’s access to their networkShare...

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Webinar: Beyond Risk Scores

The current approach to cybersecurity focuses on defending the perimeter. But this “castle and moat” mentality has driven costs up, resulted in “tool sprawl,” and distracted users with too many false alerts....

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Confirmed Evidence of Compromise