Our Vision

Prevailion is a next-generation intelligence solution with offices in Houston, Texas and Columbia, Maryland.

We are on a mission to rid the world of fear from cyber attacks by conducting cyber counterintelligence at scale. We envision a world where the tables have turned on threat actors—their hunting territory diminished by organizations armed with a vastly more capable way of monitoring compromises. The dark corners of our online world would be converted to a transparent landscape where organizations can feel more secure about their investments in securities.

We believe the Apex Platform™ is how we get there.

Our Story

Prevailion’s President and CEO, Karim Hijazi, has a rich history in cybersecurity. His previous startup, Unveillance, was acquired by Mandiant (now FireEye) in 2012. He’s worked closely with the US intelligence community for years and specializes in adversary intelligence, cyber threat analysis and cybersecurity innovation.

Karim noticed a vulnerability in the way businesses have begun to rely on their third-party partners. The size of a business’ perimeter had increased along with the size of their third-party ecosystem, and there was no clear way to monitor that vast new space.  He saw an opportunity to give businesses visibility into this untapped space with the creation of Prevailion.

To assemble his team, Karim sought some of the best minds in the cyber intelligence space, including former analysts and technical leaders from the NSA, CIA and DARPA, along with Cisco’s Talos Intelligence Group. He also received funding from prestigious investors in the cyber/intel community, closing a $10 million Series A in 2019 led by AllegisCyber and a $2 million seed round from DataTribe in 2018.

Together, we created the Apex Platform to give customers Continuous Compromise Monitoring—a real-time view of the dangers lurking in their third-party ecosystems. Armed with this information, they can prevent cyber attacks before they happen and make strategic business decisions relating to their partner ecosystem.

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