Compromise Intelligence: The Realization of a Decades-Old Promise

Setting the Stage

For decades, the cybersecurity industry has promised “silver bullet” innovations. It has hyped products, and services that were intended to level the playing field, giving an absolute advantage to the defenders.  And though many advancements have come into being, the struggle continues with no silver bullet in sight.

Many of these advancements have exceeded previous thresholds in detection, identification, and response time in exceptional ways. And though this is the case, here in 2020, during the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic, we still grapple with a grim reality: we remain engaged in an arms race with our adversaries.  This war of attrition sees ground gained and lost and achievements in terms of awareness and technology accomplished, and yet we remain at risk.

The Conflict Continues

Our adversaries (regardless of their sophistication,
organization, and funding), continue to seek out opportunities to evade and
circumvent our best technological efforts so that they may complete their
missions. And as we all know, their missions (great and small) have the
potential to impact everyone regardless of station, wealth, position, industry,
or community.

Make no mistake, we are and have been in conflict for
some time with aggressors who remain mostly unseen by human eyes. And these
aggressors seek to exploit our vulnerabilities, —our soft underbellies,  procedural and technological— in the hopes
that in doing so, they will profit in one way or another.

The Answer

As a result, we find ourselves deeply entrenched in a
struggle with seemingly no end in sight. But today the industry, the
populations, and the organizations that we protect have new hope.

We can now move from the realm of the indicator of compromise or attack, which may or may not aid us in securing and holding that hard fought for ground, to Evidence of Compromise (EOC) resulting in real, actionable Compromise Intelligence. The EOC allows us to quickly establish the actual state of an organization’s risk posture and take action where and when necessary when our other defensive capabilities fail us.

Prevailion’s APEX Platform is the only cybersecurity product on the market today that can provide true EOC and compromise intelligence without relying on the deployment of agents or hardware. This is a quantum leap in detection, verification, and validation of the presence of threats and threat actors in the form of evidence. This capability enables organizations to be better informed about their third-party partner’s state of compromise and their own.

Welcome to the future. Let’s level the playing field together
and take the fight to the adversaries.

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Will Gragido
[email protected]