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Prevailion gives you visibility into the unseen – the compromises happening outside of the network.


We see cyber attacks from the vantage point of threat actors and hackers. We track their moves and collect intelligence on breach activity – which companies they attacked, what malware and threat actor is the culprit,  and when it occurred.

This data breach intelligence is available as a subscription to our SaaS-based platform, called ApexTM.

While traditional compliance and risk assessments identify vulnerabilities within IT environments and network defenses, Prevailion is a non-invasive way to check for compromise within ANY third-party, giving you the power to:

  • Discover undisclosed/undetected corporate breaches
  • Identify the type of malware used to understand the overall risk
  • Assess a company’s effectiveness at detecting and remediating breaches 
  • Map out a company’s third-party risk environment
  • Validate security disclosures
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“Being able to monitor vendors all of the time is extremely important.  If I’m going to let them in my network, I want to know ahead of time – and permanently – that the vendor has security at the forefront.”   

— Matt Ohmes, IT Manager, SEIEC

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Apex Seeker shows compromise activity on over 19,000 (and counting) companies around the world – many of which have never been publicly disclosed.

Apex Seeker provides you visibility into:

  • State of compromise associated with third-party organizations
  • Compromise severity
  • IP address intelligence
  • Historicity (dwell time, authenticity, accuracy)


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