12,135 Companies are Compromised right now.

Could they be compromising you?

Prevailion is the world’s first global search engine for evidence of cyber contagion. With our Compromise Intelligence platform, you can perform Continuous Compromise Monitoring. And we operate in the cloud, so there is nothing to install.

Simple Color Coded Severity

Take immediate action based on current and accurate compromise severity.

Prevailion shows you evidence, so you can take action—immediately.

We collect information on the activity of adversaries, not you or your partners. Unlike most solutions, we don’t deal in hypotheticals, and we’re not locked into a single point-in-time. We report Evidence of Compromise—continuously.

Prevailion reveals attacks from behind enemy lines.

We have the campaigns of global threat actors under a microscope. Our dedicated intel team analyzes the movements, tools, and techniques of adversaries, giving you actionable insight into how to protect your business.

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Make profitable decisions with Evidence of Compromise

Learn the history behind a partner’s past and current compromises before they become your own. Get an edge during due diligence by using precognitive knowledge of an active compromise.

See your cyber compromises at a glance

Seamlessly audit and continuously monitor the compromise status of your network, current and prospective partners, competitors, and the world at large.

Make your existing network defenses smarter

Your defenses work. They just need to know where to look. Prevailion helps by highlighting only confirmed Evidence of Compromise in and around your ecosystem—no hypothetical indicators, no false positives.

Map your organization’s threat landscape

Our drag-and-drop interface helps you easily manage an organization watch list to track the compromises of your most critical companies in real-time.

Gain a satellite view of the world’s compromises

Seeing cyber compromises lurking within the networks of trusted partners gives you the opportunity to prevent future attacks before they knock down your door.

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Continuously Monitor Your Company and Third-Parties for
Evidence of Compromise 

Apex Unlimited gives you visibility into:

  • The compromise status of IP address(es) within your organization and third-parties
  • Threat type, threat actor and campaign
  • Time window (Dwell Time)
  • Retrospective analysis of compromise
  • First beacon seen timestamp
  • Last beacon seen timestamp
  • Beacon counts (Frequency, Velocity and Cadence)