Map of TA505 Activity Shows Global Foothold After Necurs Botnet Goes Dark

Just shy of a week after Microsoft squeezed cyber criminals out of the prolific Necurs botnet infrastructure, threat actors like TA505 still maintain a foothold on networks throughout the world.

Findings from Prevailion’s compromise intelligence platform on Wednesday showed the IP addresses TA505 have actively infected around the globe.

Prevailion’s Chief Data Scientist Nate Winslow shared a map of this activity, along with his insight of the findings, on LinkedIn today.

“Cyber crime is not slowing down because of COVID-19. The TA505 group is a prime example we see in our data. If you are not familiar with TA505, they are a financially motivated advanced threat actor with a global reach (see graphic). They have malware in hospitals, banks, and schools. They are NOT good people and they have solid technical skills.”

TA505, also known as Evil Corp, has diversified their attacks on global businesses, incorporating a variety of schemes. One recently uncovered by Prevailion’s Tailored Intelligence team shows how they used trojanized resumes to compromise unsuspecting German businesses. Read the team’s full report to learn more about this attack, and how to protect your organization from becoming a victim.

Anyone can get visibility of compromises like this by trying Prevailion for free today.

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