NEW Release – APEX Platform 4.6 Delivers Greater Fidelity on Confirmed Cyber Attacks and Threats

APEX Platform 4.6

NEW Release – APEX Platform 4.6 Delivers Greater Fidelity on Confirmed Cyber Attacks and Threats

Prevailion is excited to launch six new features in its latest release of the APEX Platform, version 4.6.  The features, outlined below, give organizations higher fidelity on real-time compromise activity empowering your security and cyber risk teams to be more effective, work faster, and immediately prioritize confirmed threats.

Over the past four months, APEX Platform has increased the number of compromised IP addresses tracked by 285%.

Over the past 180 days APEX Platform has tracked:

29.3B Malicious Beacons

469k IP Addresses

141 Malware Families

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#1 – New User Interface

APEX 4.6 provides a new and modern user interface. The new UI aides APEX customers in understanding more about themselves and their real-time state of compromise (and that of any organization they have an interest in observing), while preserving the functionality that customers have come to trust Prevailion for.

#2 – Enhanced GEOIP Intelligence

Enhanced GEOIP intelligence helps you quickly pinpoint the location of compromise activity to aid in operations, investigations, and threat hunting. 

#3 – Granular Date and Time Range Selections

Conduct more efficient investigations and threat hunting through the use of a more precise, and granular method for selecting date and time ranges.

#4 – Advanced Watchlist and Alerts

Set up and receive alerts when an organization of interest that has not previously exhibited evidence of compromise comes online and changes status within the platform.

#5 – Enriched Downloadable Telemetry

Expedite incident response, threat hunting, and remediation with immediate access to downloadable enriched telemetry related to victim organizations that includes geographical intelligence (e.g. latitude, longitude).

#6 – Two-factor Authentication

APEX 4.6 includes support for Google Authentication and Cisco DUO two-factor authentication.


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