Breakthrough Cybersecurity Technology by Prevailion Attracts $1.7M Seed Investment from DataTribe

Prevailion, the predictive platform for advanced cyberdefense and third-party risk, today announced that it has closed a $1.7 million round of seed funding led by DataTribe, the country’s leading startup-studio for cybersecurity and data science startups. Prevailion will use the funds to accelerate product and business development for its compromise detection sensor technology, which helps public and private entities to proactively anticipate and defend against cyberattacks, and minimize third-party risks. 

“Prevailion will fundamentally change the way that organizations large and small approach cybersecurity and evaluate business risk,” said Karim Hijazi, Founder and CEO, Prevailion. “Instead of racing to apply stop-gap measures in reaction to nation-state attacks and other instances of data exfiltration, we are utilizing machine learning to proactively analyze relationships and examine what’s happening around the periphery. Our platform delivers unparalleled compromise detection, proactive defense, and actionable attribution to help minimize risk and address potential issues before they arise.”

Prevailion offers a unique, first-of-its kind technology that can detect compromised data within an organization and its supply chain without touching the organization’s network. It can also determine who was responsible for the compromise, and show when and how it took place. In addition, Prevailion can also accurately predict when a compromised organization will experience an information breach, and suggest how to defend against it.

Prevailion is the recipient of DataTribe’s 2018 Inaugural DataTribe Challenge competition announced in March 2018. “We immediately recognized that Prevailion’s technology represented a very unique and innovative approach to addressing the growing problem of data exfiltration - answering the essential questions of “Who”, “What”, “How” and “Where to” - of a data breach, especially in situations where third party contractors and vendors are involved,” said Bob Ackerman, Founder and Managing Director, AllegisCyber. “Karim Hijazi, a successful two-time CEO, has assembled a team comprised of top-tier NSA offensive talent and experienced cyber industry executives; giving Prevailion a unique set of skills to deliver a platform that addresses the market’s unmet needs”.

Prior to founding Prevailion in 2017, Hijazi founded Quantomic, a software development and marketing insights firm that helps brands and other organizations with decision support through the creation of high fidelity intelligence, and Unveillance, the first cloud-based data leak intelligence cybersecurity firm that was acquired by Mandiant (FireEye) in 2012. Karim is also a highly regarded expert resource for cybersecurity media outlets, and Unveillance’s well-documented battle with Anonymous was profiled in Parmy Olson’s book, “We are Anonymous: Inside the Hacker World of LuzSec.” Before devoting his work fulltime to defense and intelligence product development, Karim served as Founder and CEO at Demiurge Consulting, a counterintelligence and countermeasure consultancy whose clients and collaborations included Coca-Cola, McKesson, MIT, Berkeley and Stanford Universities. 

“Prevailion has developed a new technology breakthrough that brings intelligence agency capabilities to detecting breaches, using unique sensors that sit outside of an organization’s network,” said Dave DeWalt, former CEO of McAfee and Fireye, Managing Director of Allegis Cyber, and Partner at DataTribe. “The predictive nature of this technology has massive implications that go beyond cybersecurity, as it touches financial, supply chain and 3rd party risk information for boards and management teams. It’s exciting to see big leaps in technology like this.”

“Prevailion’s technology is a completely new category of security and business intelligence, unlike anything in the known cyber security universe,” said Mike Janke, Co-founder of DataTribe. “It is the stuff of novels and movies to have the technical ability to see a compromise before it even gets to your organization. This technology is three generations ahead of anything that today addresses the challenge that exist around data exfiltration and sinkholes. We’re excited about Prevailion’s unique technology, and believe that the company’s blend of intelligence agency engineers with an experienced management team will help take it to the next level.”

Karim Hijazi