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How Compromise Intelligence is Changing Business Today

THE PROBLEM: Standard cyber due diligence methods will not reveal the true health of an organization’s security. So how can you know your newest partner won’t be a poison pill for your entire ecosystem?

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Arm yourself with next-generation intelligence

With Compromise Intelligence, Prevailion allows you to preemptively investigate an organization’s cybersecurity health, and decide whether their history of compromises meets your standards.

Intelligence like this is a valuable resource that has never been available before for due diligence purposes.


Control partner compromises before they become your own.

With Prevailion’s Evidence of Compromise, you can learn the history behind a company’s past and current compromises. That’s an unprecedented tool for investigation that has wide applications in business and  IT.

Third-Party Risk Management

Put cyber risk management in your own hands using evidence, not merely indicators of compromise.

Supply Chain Security

Preemptively check and continuously monitor the security health of your supply chain partners

Actuarial Science

Make more informed choices on policy thresholds and premiums than with standard actuarial techniques.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Make profitable decisions with actual Evidence of Compromise™ associated with potential acquisitions.

What’s the cost of letting your partner’s cyber risk go unchecked?

The average cost of a data breach has gone up year over year, up to more than $3.5 million in 2019, according to IBM.

How much will your next data breach cost you?


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“Prevailion has given me some assurance. My vendors I have found in the platform were green and stable—that gave me a sigh of relief, because you never know what you’re going to find.”


The life and death of a merger hinges on visibility

Cyber risk management professionals act on Prevailion’s intelligence every day to make strategic business decisions about their data and third-parties they partner with.

That means businesses today are arming up for the next-generation of intelligence, gaining insights that you won’t have without Prevailion.

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