Evidence over Indicators

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Enhance the precision of business decisions with cyber compromise intelligence


Get exclusive access to third party cyber compromise intelligence

COMPROMISE evidence and ANALYSIS - in a subscription

Transform your approach to cyber risk due diligence with evidence of compromise impacting your third parties. The stakes are too high to rely solely on cyber risk scores or point-in-time assessments which provide potential indicators, not actual evidence.

Prevailion is the world’s first, zero-touch data intelligence platform that provides access to historical and active cyber compromises impacting tens of thousands of organizations around the world.

Prevailion shifts the focus from protecting your perimeter to finding and following the bad actors themselves. We track threat actors' infrastructure (not yours), no matter where they are located, operating 100% outside of your environment. We identify, collect, and analyze confirmed evidence of compromise, enrich the evidence with victim information including name, industry, and geolocation, and make this information available as a subscription.

Prevailion empowers you to:

  • Perform due diligence and make appropriate value adjustments for mergers and acquisitions

  • Monitor your organization’s ecosystem — and those of partner organizations — for confirmed Evidence of Compromise

  • Expand your security and risk analysis teams’ reach and effectiveness with an investigative tool that smoothly integrates with existing workflows

Enhance the precision of every major business decision with access to evidence of compromise across your supply chain, customers, business partners, and all other third parties.

Prevailion is available as a zero-touch subscription with no hardware or software to deploy.   Request a Demo  today.

Prevailion is available as a zero-touch subscription with no hardware or software to deploy. Request a Demo today.

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