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Prevailion is a platform that functions like a search engine for global, organizational compromises, along with historical trends and analysis. If Prevailion sees it, it is not merely an indicator, but actual Evidence of Compromise™.

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Put the Power Back in Your Hands

Staying ahead of cyber risk across your entire partner ecosystem is almost impossible with today's solutions. Here’s how Prevailion can help.

How is Prevailion Different?

Conventional solutions to cyber risk management provide no visibility into active third-party compromises. To survive today, businesses need visibility into threats trying to penetrate their networks under cover of darkness. Indicators of these compromises are not enough. Obtaining actionable Evidence of Compromise™ is the next step.

Prevailion is a subscription service that sees threats differently from other solutions.

While most of the industry focuses strictly on protecting victims, we hunt adversaries, track their activities, and empower the organizations they target.

Examine your Compromises

Infection from third parties is a growing blind spot due to the scope of many organizations' supply chains. While your network may be safe, adversaries will target the weakest link in any ecosystem.

In Prevailion's platform, you can see which of your partners have become compromised with a simple, intuitive design that clearly labels compromise levels as green, yellow, or red based on their severity over time.

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Make Informed Third-Party Risk Decisions

The confidence in our intelligence is the distinguishing mark that makes Prevailion a next-generation solution. We give you evidence — not indicators.

What can you do with this kind of intelligence?

  • Monitor existing third-party vendors and identify Evidence of Compromise
  • Verify if a vendor is serious about security before awarding a costly project
  • Act on that evidence by limiting a vendor’s access to their network
  • Share compromise information with leadership to make informed partner choices

Know Your Ecosystem

Prevailion provides a robust view of the threat landscape across the globe, with daily tracking in more than 100 industry subsectors—and our visibility is increasing each day. That gives you actionable intelligence to put to use in any industry you touch.

Use Cases

  • Third-Party Risk Management
  • Cyber Insurance
  • Mergers & Acquisitions


  • Financial
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare


  • C-Suite
  • Legal
  • Security Operations

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you identify a victim and find which adversary is targeting them?
Where do you get the data on threat actors?
Is this data collected via a hardware sensor?
How do you overcome the challenges of IP attribution and identify a threat actor?
Are there similar solutions to Prevailion?

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  • Active and historical confirmed Evidence of Compromise including victim identity and geolocation
  • Trends and analysis on cyber contagion impacting specific industries and locations

Prevailion empowers you to:

  • Elevate your cyber risk management capabilities with real-time, continuous monitoring of your third-party ecosystem
  • Reduce time spent evaluating numerous Indicators of Compromise and false positives
  • Make more informed decisions on vendor risk with actual Evidence of Compromise