Actionable Intelligence.

 Unprecedented Visibility.

Make informed, profitable decisions armed with evidence of compromise in your network and supply chain.

See your cyber compromises at a glance.

Audit and continuously monitor the compromise status of: your network, current and prospective partners, competitors, and the world at large.

Safeguard your valuable data and gain insight on the threats actively targeting your partners, competitors, and prospects. 

Discover active, historical, and emerging compromise activities collected from more than 1 billion beacons per day.

Prevailion makes your existing network defenses smarter.

Existing security solutions are exhausting

Noisy, red notifications pop up at the slightest indication of a threat. All these expensive antennas are pointing at every possible threat vector. 

Prevailion helps by highlighting just the confirmed evidence of compromise in and around your network. So you can point those antennas directly at the threat actors rooting around your data, or snooping around your perimeter.

Map the threat landscape for your organization’s touchpoints.

Seeing cyber compromises lurking within the networks of trusted partners gives you the opportunity to prevent future attacks before they knock down your door.

Customize your compromise cone of vision. Our drag-and-drop interface helps you easily manage an organization watch list to track your most critical companies. 

Diagnose the threat to your organization, and strike first with actionable intel.

Gain a global perspective of industrial cyber compromises.

Companies assess risk to themselves by understanding what’s happening to others in their industry. 

Gaining knowledge of active threat campaigns within your industry is a signal flare you can rally your defenses around, allowing you to: 

  • Make informed budgetary decisions
  • Tactically shift your security posture
  • Invest in your defenses

Control Partner Compromises Before they Become Your Own

With Prevailion’s Evidence of Compromise, you can learn the history behind a company’s past and current compromises.
That’s an unprecedented tool for investigation that has wide applications in business and  IT.

Transformative Use Cases

Third-Party Risk Management

Put cyber risk management in your own hands using evidence, not merely indicators of compromise.

Supply Chain Security

Preemptively check and continuously monitor the security health of your supply chain partners.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Make profitable decisions with actual Evidence of Compromise™ associated with potential acquisitions.

Actuarial Science

Make more informed choices on policy thresholds and premiums than with standard actuarial techniques.

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