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Human Fallibility: A Threat that Flows Through Your Entire Downline

Earlier this year Dark Reading published a six part series, “Cybersecurity and the Human Element: We’re All Fallible,” in which the authors examined common mistakes of end users as well as the potential repercussions of human error. All signs supported their claim that we are indeed all fallible. Human beings are vulnerable to exploitation, but security practitioners know this. Thus, it's not really human beings that are the problem. The greater threat is that when attackers are successful through this vector, malware can infiltrate the network and hide out completely...

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What’s Missing in Third-Party Risk Assessments

Assessments are important. You’d be hard pressed to find any cybersecurity professional who would argue they aren’t needed, but the problem with third-party risk assessments is that they are far from comprehensive. Understanding the hygiene and potential vulnerabilities of an organization is incredibly important. But it doesn’t reveal the full picture.  Point-in-time assessment of an organization is not enough because it doesn’t offer an exhaustive understanding of the risks. There are dynamic--and often undetected--problems specific to malware delivered by extremely sophisticated and versatile threat actors. These actors have the ability to...

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