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Lower the Price Tag of a Data Breach with Threat Intelligence

Detecting and containing a data breach takes the better part of a year, approximately 280 days, for the average organization, according to IBM’s 15th annual Cost of a Data Breach Report, Unfortunately, the longer it takes to identify a breach, the bigger the price tag of the overall breach lifecycle.  This year’s report found that more than half (52%) of breaches are the work of malicious actors. Of those, 13% of breaches are reportedly caused by nation state attackers.The findings also revealed that more attackers are using compromised credentials and leveraging...

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How Auditors Can Make Compliance Programs More Effective

When conducting an audit of your cybersecurity plans, it’s important to reassess risk and evaluate whether established policies and procedures are both effective and actionable. To aid in cyber compliance, CSO Online said the updated compliance guidelines issued by the Department of Justice, “has particular relevance to the cybersecurity practices of organizations when it comes to, for example, data breach and other security-related lawsuits.” Essentially, the document outlines how to assess, “whether a particular compliance program works in practice.” Toward that end, the guidelines pose three questions that every compliance...

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Tip of the Spear: Evidence of Breach and Breach Intelligence

Introduction For quite some time we at Prevailion have been speaking publicly to the nature of the differences between Prevailion and other vendors in the threat intelligence market, and for good reason. There are two key concepts at the forefront of every discussion that I and my peers have when discussing who we are, what we do, why we are unique, and what we do: Evidence of Compromise (EoC), and Compromise Intelligence (CI). There is little that leads me to believe as I write this blog that there are any vendors current or emerging who are approaching...

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