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What’s Missing in Third-Party Risk Assessments

Assessments are important. You’d be hard pressed to find any cybersecurity professional who would argue they aren’t needed, but the problem with third-party risk assessments is that they are far from comprehensive. Understanding the hygiene and potential vulnerabilities of an organization is incredibly important. But it doesn’t reveal the full picture.  Point-in-time assessment of an organization is not enough because it doesn’t offer an exhaustive understanding of the risks. There are dynamic--and often undetected--problems specific to malware delivered by extremely sophisticated and versatile threat actors. These actors have the ability to...

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An Apple A Day Won’t Keep Malware Away

When researchers at Independent Security Evaluators published its 2016 report, Hacking Hospitals, the idea that vulnerabilities in medical devices could result in patient harm seemed like a serving of FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt). Four years later, as we debate how and whether to return to life as we knew it before quarantine, there is irrefutable evidence that the health care sector is highly vulnerable to attack.  From daily news stories to scholarly articles, security experts continue to warn of the cyber threats the health care sector is facing, yet they...

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