Introducing the Apex Platform™

Visibility Beyond Boundaries

Discover the Adversaries Targeting You and Your Partners.

Apex Platform’s™ Mission

Prevailion Apex Platform’s™ mission: Empower companies to audit and continuously monitor the security of their supply chains to an unprecedented degree, with the possibility of even predicting future breaches based on this real-time intelligence. Current methods of cyber risk management and risk modeling have failed to keep up with the growing sophistication and speed of cyber adversaries, which range from organized criminal groups to state-sponsored hackers. The “trusted partner” is now the greatest risk to a company’s network and overall security. To counter these tactics, companies will have to pivot toward a new and far superior class of intelligence, known as “Evidence of Compromise™” (EoC).

A New Intelligence Paradigm

The legacy threat intelligence model has been problematic for companies in many ways, particularly due to its high rate of false positives and its slower method of execution, since the data must be carefully culled through, refined and verified by human analysts.  Until now, it has been exceedingly difficult for companies to accurately gauge their vendors’ security, particularly when it comes to emerging threats.  This requires a shift beyond the standard model of threat intelligence.  The Apex Platform™ changes this equation, by allowing a company to see its partner’s networks from the perspective of the attackers who are actively breaching them, gaining persistence and migrating to new targets affiliated with that company.

Apex™ provides continuous Compromise Intelligence™ showing WHEN malicious activity has occurred as well as WHAT malware family is responsible in order to better navigate the new zero trust world.

Apex Platform’s™ Points of Differentiation.

Zero Hardware or Software

Apex™ does not require any kind of hardware or software to be installed at the customer location or any configuration changes to be made.  Our compromise intelligence™ is collected from the threat actor’s command & control (C2) environment outside the perimeter of any organization.

Zero Scanning or Scraping

Unlike point-in-time vulnerability assessment tools, scorecard scanning solutions, or deep/dark web scraping technologies, Apex™ does not need to focus on a target to achieve results.  The malware infections make themselves known to our global constellation of clandestine sensors, continuously, and in real-time.

Passive Adversarial Infiltration

Using our proprietary global sensor network, coupled with exclusive law enforcement and provider relationships, we target and infiltrate adversarial command and control (C2), passively harvesting over a billion pieces of confirmed evidence (malicious beacons) every day.

100% Proprietary Intelligence

Apex™ does not aggregate, combine, or regurgitate data from any other sources or feeds. Our proprietary intelligence is exclusively harvested from our own collection apparatus and then organized, enriched, attributed, and made instantly available via a SaaS-based UI and API subscription service.

Apex Platform™ In Action.

See Apex™ in action: the world’s first zero-touch compromise intelligence platform.