Monitor Your Third Parties’ Compromise Status

Preemptively limit exposure to contagious partners

Third party cyber breaches are an increasing threat to organizations, rising to 61% in 2018*. When high-profile targets increase security and close loopholes, threat actors shift their focus to vulnerable third parties.  

When it comes to M&A negotiations, merging corporate assets during an acquisition, or connecting your enterprise to a supplier or partner, you need to conduct due diligence to continually assess your risk of cyber compromise.

Gaining access to all of your third parties’ security infrastructure and policies is neither practical nor possible. Prevailion provides unprecedented visibility into cyber compromise impacting tens of thousands of organizations globally — empowering you to mitigate their compromise before it becomes your own.

Third-Party Breaches Rise To 61% In U.S.

Cyber Due Diligence

  • Expand your security and risk analysis teams’ reach and precision with evidence of compromise 

  • Support strategic business decisions that influence M&A, investment, supply chain, and cyber insurance claims and policies

  • Use intelligence to evaluate the current landscape and identify the threat actors that might target the parties in a  transaction

  • Identify a target’s prior and active compromises and assess remediation steps and practices

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Gain a competitive edge and make profitable decisions with actual compromise evidence associated with potential acquisition targets

  • Identify if a target acquisition has systemic security issues and how they compare to peers in similar industries or geolocation

  • Continuously monitor compromise status of acquisition targets and their third party ecosystem throughout the lifecycle of a deal

Third Party Cyber Risk Management

  • Evaluate and track your third parties’ historical, present and ongoing security posture

  • Identify their active compromises and assess your risk before their compromises become your own

  • Gain greater peace of mind with evidence of compromise, instead of vetting thousands of indicators of compromise (IoC)

  • Conduct ‘always on’ risk management by evaluating the compromise status of your third party ecosystem