Vision Packs™
Unprecedented Supply Chain Visibility

Vision Packs™ Continuously monitor infected partners.

Organizations can now get access to the Prevailion Apex Platform to monitor their entire partner ecosystem (as well as prospective partners or acquisition targets), with the introduction of Vision Packs™.  Customers can efficiently scale their continuous compromise partner monitoring initiative at their own pace.

Vision Packs™ are comprised of ten (10) organizational seats for $5,000 (five thousand US dollars) per year.

*Purchase of 500 or more Vision Packs™ will entitle customer to further discounts.
To monitor more than 10,000 partners, please ask about our Apex Unlimited™ pricing.

–  Purchase as you grow your partner monitoring initiative*
–  Identify compromise in your partner’s networks
–  Intuitive user interface and API access
–  Zero deployment and zero touch
–  Available as a cloud-based subscription
–  Identification and curation of partner IP ranges
–  Assistance with compromised partner notification