Webinar: Beyond Risk Scores

The perimeter of most organizations has changed, becoming almost ephemeral. Consider all the connections a modern business shares —  from manufacturers, vendors, and customers to partners and outsourced specialists. For all of these and more, their perimeter becomes your perimeter. This makes attacking you much, much easier, and defending yourself much, much harder. 

Your weakest link becomes the vector of infection, allowing threat actors to get inside your network and begin exfiltrating your data. 

Cybersecurity defenses have not evolved at pace with the resourcefulness of threat actors. They have poor visibility into their true network surface area, and they have become comfortably cloistered by tools that supply them with thousands of false positives each day. Combined, this is a lethal cocktail for organizations.

For modern organizations to thrive today, they need visibility on all the other possible nodes of access through their third-party networks, and they need a way to prioritize evidence over indicators of compromise.

Watch this 30-min. webinar to find out how compromise intelligence provides unprecedented visibility into third-party cyber attacks.

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