Undisclosed Breach Intelligence:  A Game-Changer for Compliance Auditing & Risk Management


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The average company takes almost five months to disclose a data breach. And many never disclose it at all.  Between 2011 and 2019, almost half (43%) of companies that suffered a data breach kept the attack to themselves. [1]  

This lack of visibility poses significant challenges for security compliance auditing and risk management professionals.  Data breaches not discovered or disclosed raise red flags about a company’s internal controls, suggesting that they may be insufficient to detect issues. Furthermore, they put other organizations at greater risk for a cyber attack via a third-party connection.

Watch this webinar to learn a new way to identify confirmed data breaches through an independent, third-party data source.

In this webinar, we’ll show you how you can: 

  • Conquer current challenges associated with third-party risk management including the blind spots inherent to point-in-time assessments
  • Discover undisclosed/undetected corporate breaches within any organization using an independent third-party data source 
  • Continuously monitor any organization for data breaches without the need to conduct intrusive penetration tests or lengthy assessments
  • Empower multiple functions within an organization to utilize data breach intelligence to make informed decisions


Karim Hijazi


Karim Hijazi is the founder and CEO of Prevailion, a cyber intelligence company. Karim’s previous cybersecurity startup, Unveillance, was acquired by Mandiant (now FireEye) in 2012. He’s worked closely with the US intelligence community, and specializes in adversary intelligence, cyber threat analysis and cybersecurity innovation.

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