White Paper: Compromise Intelligence – The Future of Cyber Risk Management

Years of cyberwarfare have taken their toll on businesses today. The old models that kept organizations safe have become expensive posturing in a struggle against adversaries who have long since evolved to newer, more devious modes of attack.

These traditional defenses have given businesses an overabundance of information about the data that passes through their networks, but little visibility into the active threats that have set up shop there. These problems become far more complex once the security blanket of an organization is also expected to cover any unseen security problems within hundreds or thousands of partner networks, which have become essential for most businesses to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

To survive today, businesses need visibility into the threats trying to subvert their networks. Without it, they are blindly fending off attacks in the darkness against adversaries capable of laser targeting their vulnerabilities.

What if you could augment your perception of those enemies with the cybersecurity equivalent of night-vision goggles?

This report covers the challenges around managing third-party data risk that have accumulated into a global mess and what the alternatives are to effective governance today.

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