Third-Party Cyber Defense: A New Level of Control & Visibility by Tracking the Adversary

Many of today’s businesses are beholden to a fundamental weakness—they are blind to the scope of their true perimeter. As businesses grow larger, their vast third-party vulnerabilities unfurl themselves, exposing the business to huge risks they aren’t even aware of.

This weakness grew out of what started as a strength. Successful businesses have expanded their reach by co-opting the specialties of external organizations. This expansion has made the network perimeter of the average business almost ephemeral.

Cybersecurity defenses have not evolved at pace with the resourcefulness of threat actors. They provide poor visibility into an organization’s true network surface area, and they inundate organizations with thousands of false positives each day. This is a lethal cocktail.

For modern organizations to thrive today, they need visibility on all the possible nodes of access through their third-party networks, and they need a way to prioritize evidence over indicators of compromise—continuously. Prevailion proposes a new paradigm for security. Instead of living cloistered within a defensive apparatus, surrounded by expensive endpoint solutions, we propose an offensive tactic.

“Armed with intelligence like this, customers can take action in a much more effective way”


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